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Since the beginning of this year, TMI spend over 3 millions bath on the IT investment. What are the major improvement? Why they spend so much money for just IT? Here, we have a chance to interview Mr. Theerasak Prasitratanaporn, IT Manager of Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. Shortly after interview, we realized his word "The more the world change, the more TMI growth", is becoming true.

Teera-Mongkol Industry spend over 3 millions baht on the IT investment this year. Since our committee board believe in the power of information technology. "IT will empower the company and will drive the business flow of company to run smoother than before. We are reengineering the whole company, which will result in major changes of our company structures.", said Theerasak Prasitratanaporn, IT Manager of Teera-Mongkol Industry. Starting from the beginning of this year, TMI has implemented several IT projects such as Web Server, Mail Server, Print Server, Surveillance System, Wireless Lan, Payroll System, VoIP etc.  Most of the projects have been approved by Teera-Mongkol Industry board since the beginning of this year.

Not only the successful plan in the previous year, Teera-Mongkol Industry still have several going on projects such as Computer Integrated Power Meter, Bar Code Implementation, Stock Management, Business Flow Management, Accounting Information System, etc. All of the above projects requires extensive skills in IT technology. Once the company has successfully implemented all of the mentioned technologies, infrastructure of Teera-Mongkol Industry will be IT-based, which means it will be tracable, managable, systematic, and well-structured.

Theerasak also mentioned about the development of IT application to support e-commerce system that in the near future the company will implement the e-commerce service by adding the POS, shopping cart and e-service into the current application. This illustrates the growth plan of IT development in Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. and support the statement that the more the world changes, the more TMI growth.

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Official GATA website is launched and updated. Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. is proudly to announce the official launch for GATA website. The website where user can download information about GATA products including the specification as well as standard critieria of all products. User will get benefit in joining our Teera-Mongkol Industry website and will be informed of any news released from Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. Board.

It is the greatest time to present the official website for Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. are proudly to annouce the official website for GATA, where user will gain lots of benefits and would be able to post any specific information. This website will be kept updating every week and will post all the newest products that we released. Any information such as project achievement, research area and technology news from GATA factory will be posted for our customers.

Theerasak Prasitratanaporn, IT Manager, stated on May 25, 2006 about the future and trends of the company. As he mentioned, the company will grow up and will start to integrate and implement all IT technologies to support the concept "Lighten Up Your Life", which means the company has a year plan to start integrate the computer system, including ERP system, website development, and web e-commerce to improve the performance of Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. Teera-Mongkol Industry website or GATA website is one of our IT projects that is officially launched today.

"Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. grows and improves very fast from year to year. We has never been stopped improving the company; however, we have not increased the line fast enough to serve the current market. We have recently increased our line production by investing a lot this year. At this time, our company board has stated the clear vision to not only invest in the physical production line but will also invest in the company structure to support the future plan of our company", he said.

The launch of GATA website clearly states that Teera-Mongkol Industry is the leader in manufacturer for ballast, transformer, HID products, etc. Once the website is official released, Teera-Mongkol Industry will periodly inform all the news and update from our company board. The official GATA website is one of the marketing project from Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. In the near future, it is still possible that Teera-Mongkol Industry may open the e-commerce section to provide the lighting market in Thailand.

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