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บริษัท ธีระมงคลอุตสาหกรรม จำกัด(มหาชน) ได้รับรางวัล Bai Po Business Awards by Sasin

ในฐานะที่เป็นผู้ผลิตและจำหน่ายบัลลาสต์และอุปกรณ์แสงสว่าง ที่คิดค้นเทคโนโลยีทดแทนการนำเข้าและเน้นการประหยัดพลังงานมาใช้อย่างมี ประสิทธิภาพ ได้รับรางวัลจากความโดนเด่นในมิติการตอบสนองและปรับตัวต่อโอกาสและปัญหา (Adaptability to Changes) และมีผลิตภัณฑ์คุณภาพสูง (quality)


Last Updated on Friday, 19 February 2010 19:59

Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. has been awarded Customer of Year 2007

from Exact Software (Thailand) Ltd on February 15, 2007.


Due to the good collaboration between Exact Software and Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd., this year, Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. has been awarded Customer of Year 2007. On February 15, 2008, two of our representative, Mr. Theerasak Prasitratanaporn, a IT manager, and Mr. Premsak Chattrasophon, a System Analyst has joined the Exact Day at Conrad Hotel to received the Customer of The Year 2007 Award from Peter Haman, GM of Exact Software (Thailand).


Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. has been implemented the system called Exact Globe 2003? since the year 2006 and is now successfully implemented the system without any problems. Both Mr. Theerasak and Mr. Premsak are the key project leaders in the implementation of exact software. As expected, Globe 2003 Enterprise is neither the Accounting software nor the Manufacturing system, but in fact, it is our core centralized solution for our company. The successful go-live on March 2007 leads to the entering of the new era where every decision is made based on the centralized information of the Globe 2003 Enterprise system.


According to our interview with Mr. Theerasak, our IT manager, implementation of Exact Globe 2003 Enterprise especially is one of the very successful projects in the year 2007. As stated by Mr. Theerasak, Thank you Exact Software (Thailand). Though, we do not know the selection criteria of Exact Software (Thailand), we think the good collaboration on the implementation has brought us this award. Throughout last year, we have worked very hard together to try go-live the very good system, Exact Globe Enterprise. We expected that the good relationship between Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. and Exact Software (Thailand) would be continued and will be last long, said Mr. Theerasak.



He also added that not only the Exact project, which has been successfully implemented last year, this year, we have plan to implement the document management system in the e-Synergy that include the support of ISO9001:2000, which we have also earned recently last December, 2007. This will ensure the policy that we will improve our internal system all the time. The policy is released in accordance with our company slogan "Lighten Up Your Life", which means not only we will give you the light, but we will also add up value to everyone life.


Congratulation to ISO9001:2000 Certification.

Teera-Mongkol Industry is now ISO9001:2000 certified

by SGS (Thailand) Limited.


As of,28 December 2007, the quality management system of Teera-Mongkol Industry has been certified?by SGS corporation,a Switzerland based certification company. According to the certification, Teera-Mongkol Industry will be accredited by UKAS(British Certified Body)?and NAC(Thailand Certified Body).

Mr. Premsak, Project Leader of ISO9001:2000, stated that the implementation of ISO9001:2000 took place within 3 months since the company strucuture is standardized enough for the implementation. Now that the company has been certified, it ensures that the company makes progress of all internal control, validation process and technological integration. The reason why we certified with SGS (Thailand) Limited, is because SGS is one of the leading certification of the world. Certification of SGS is broadly accepted as one of the European based companies.

According to Mr. Theerasak, ISO9001:2000 is only one of several projects in the year 2008; in fact, there are several projects to improve internal process and ensure that the identical products will be delivered to our customers.The projects will be annouced shortly.

The following pictures are the certificate of ISO9001:2000 of UKAS and NAC by SGS (Thailand)Limited

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