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With the strong vision on the quality management, we, Teera-Mongkol Industry are now implementing ISO 9001 version 2000 to ensure the high quality of our product. The project will be launched next month and is expected to be completely certified before the end of this year.

At Teera-Mongkol Industry, we are always concerning about the quality control of the product prior to the delivery of each piece of work to our client. We are now launching the ISO 9001 project that is expected to completely succcess on the end of this year (December).

The ISO project is one of our quality control projects of our company. In the implementation of ISO project, internal quality and/or product quality will be enhanced to ensure that product from us will be a piece of work that a customer can rely on. Our committee board of Teera-Mongkol Industry has approved for the ISO project with the planned timeline (to be completed within this December).

According to the interview of Mr. Theerasak Prasitratanaporn, he has stated the purpose of this project to be as follow:

  1. The ISO Project will improve the quality control on internal system and the product quality.
  2. The ISO Project will leverage our brand, GATA, to be one of top brands in the world.
  3. The ISO Project will help Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. to comply with the TIS standard which will require the ISO 9001 certification in the near future.
  4. The ISO Project will systemize the document management of our company
  5. The ISO Project will help us to add higher standard marks in the future
  6. The ISO Project (especially NAC mark) will help us to easier bid for the government project

The committee board has then decided on August 3, 2007 to request for the ISO 9001 as the beginning of the overall quality improvement process. Here, at Teera-Mongkol Industry, quality is always an issue for us. We promise not only to provide the safety product, but we will also satisfy our customer needs as it is our main goal to achieve.

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TMI?sale office has started to move to the new location.

Teera-Mongkol Industry?Sale Office has started moving from our old location (Jaruenrad 7-7, Rd.) to the new one (Future Mart Rama III building). Only the official address that will be moved, our telephone and fascimile numbers?are?still the same.?You can still reach us?by calling the same numbers (Tel. 66 (0) 2 289-4665, 291-2660 Fax. 66 (0) 2 2912722).

To better serve our customers, we, Teera-Mongkol Industry, has now moved the sale office to the new place. After Songkran Festival has been passed, the?sale office of Teera-Mongkol Industry will slowly move to the new place. The new?sale office will be located at FutureMart Rama III building (HomePro Rama III). This movement has been started since?the beginning of this year?and is expected to be done around the end of this April. Our sale office will be moved from our old location: 3761/270-272 Charuenrad 7-7, Rd. Bangklo, Bangkorlamb, Bangkok 10120

to our new?sale office:

Unit 15 Future Mart Rama III Building(HomePro RamaIII) 295 Rama III, Rd. Bangkorlamb, Bangkorlamb, Bangkok 10120

Our contact numbers (02-289-4665 and 02-2912660)?and fax number (02-2912722) are still the same since we have already moved these fix?lines from our old locations. You can then reach us using our?existing numbers.?We?may?apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us.


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In the first quarter of this year, IT team of Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. has installed several new equipments, which will integrate our TMI offices together using high-speed connection.

Since the introduction of new Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. office location, IT team of TMI has then introduced integration solutions to enhance our corporate system. The integration solutions include the plan for installation of gigabit LAN, secured VPN connection, Leased Line, and WDS system. Our IT development team has then been instructed to support several current technologies in order to successfully deploy the mentioned plan. The example of technologies involved in this plan will be illustrated as follows:


  1. 802.11ab: Gigabit Ethernet over Copper Wiring, which is the standard for gigabit LAN solutions. The gigabit Ethernet is now implemented in our new office with the CAT6 cable.
  2. Secured virtual private network: VPN, which is the technology to remotely access the corporate information from external system such as the Internet. This technology has been used in the interconnection between our two offices. With this technology, our committee board will be able to connect to our system from any place around this world.
  3. Leased Line or Dedicated Line is the symmetric telecommunication line connecting between two office locations.
  4. Wireless Distribution System is the wireless technology that expands wireless network system without the need of wired backbone. WDS has been implemented in two of our TMI offices, where the wired connection cannot be implemented and the distance is farther than the coverage of general wireless equipment.


As an IT Manager, Theerasak Prasitratanaporn, said that the integration of new technology at Teera-Mongkol Industry Co., Ltd. will always move forward to support the new and current technologies as the company grows rapidly from year to year. Several new high-speed network equipments have been installed this year at our new office as a part of our company roadmap. Not only the technology that has been installed, IT people are all instructed to implement the technology without any possible problems, said Mr. Theerasak.

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